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An Evening At Camp Freedom

April 29, 2009

Today was a very fun day! After my human came home to walk with me at lunchtime, she went back to work, and I settled in for a nap. But then! A big boxy car came to the house! I barked, but then grandpa got out! Yay – an adventure! I walked around inside the big boxy car, because I had never been inside something like that! Then we got to grandpa’s house, and I did a perimeter check, which is a good thing, because there was a gobbler chicken in the marsh! I chased the gobbler chicken, and he thought he could get away by going into the bushes, but no such luck – I chased him right into the bushes! Grandpa and I started to go down the new path into the marsh, but it is still very muddy. I do not mind the mud, but grandpa said we should wait until it is dry. So I helped grandpa while he did stuff in the yard – that was very fun! Grandpa is always on the move, and of course I have to follow him! And then! Grandma came home, and I helped make supper – we had hammaburgers, and I had some kibble too. Then I played with grandma and grandpa some more, and then I played with the boy next door, and then I did another perimeter check, and then my human came to get me! I was so happy, I jumped right up in the air!

I like playing at grandma and grandpa’s house, there is always something fun to do. The best part is that I get to run around and be free! I like that. But after such a big adventure, I am very tired!


Water Snake

April 28, 2009

Today we played in the yard – my human used a metal claw to scratch up the brown spots in the yard, and then she put little green specks in the holes. One of my little human friends came over and helped, that was very fun! They poked at the brown spots and put down the green specks, and I supervised. And then! My human got out the big green tube – it looks like a snake, but it shoots water out of the end! That was so much fun, she pointed the water snake at the green specks on the ground, and I ate the water as it came out. Some water got on the green specks, but most of it got inside me!


Little Humans

April 23, 2009

Now that the grass is green again and the big yellow ball is in the sky, the little humans have come back to play in the park. And then when they see me in the yard with my human, they come over to play with me! That is very fun, because they throw tennis balls for me to chase, and they pet me! The other day they had plastic bottles with little plastic wands, and then they dipped the wands into the bottles and blew on them, and then big round shiny things came floating out! So I chased the round shiny things, and finally I caught one! But it tasted funny, like the stuff my human uses to wash the dishes. Ptooey! So I did not chase them anymore, I just watched them float by.

I like doing tricks for the little humans, too – when they say “sit”, I sit, and when they say “down”, I lay down. Of course it helps that they give me treats when I do tricks. They even hold a treat up and say “Jump!” When my human does that, I have to jump high in the air to get the treat. But the little humans are not much taller than I am, so I do not have to jump at all – I just have to stand up a little bit! Ha ha, easy treat for me.

Sometimes the little humans run around all over the place, and then I try to organize them all into a clump. I don’t knock them down or nip at them, I just get in their way and steer them to the middle of the yard. My human says I am not supposed to do this, but I notice she also smiles when I do it, so I think she thinks it’s cute.

I like the little humans – they are very fun to play with!


Clearing a Path

April 22, 2009

Today I went over to grandma and grandpa’s house to play while my human went to practice her singing noises, and grandpa had a surprise for me – he started to clear a path into the marsh! I have been in the marsh before, but I have only gone so far, because I will not go further than my human goes, and she cannot sneak underneath the bushes like I do. So, grandpa has started cutting a path through the bushes! Now mama and me will pick up the sticks that grandpa has cut, and then he will cut some more, and then we will be able to go back where the tall grass is! That will be very fun, I am so excited!


JZM3000 Dogotiller®

April 17, 2009

Today the big yellow ball was shining up in the sky, and my human and I played in the dirt! There is a big square of dirt where she puts little green things, and then in the summer they turn into big green things, with veg-a-mables on them! I do not like veg-a-mables, but I do like playing in the dirt! My human says it is not time to put the little green things into the dirt yet, but we can bust up the dirt, because it is all hard and flat from having the snow lie on top of it all winter. So she started poking at the dirt with a huge metal fork, but she was going too slow, so I decided to help! I helped good, I dug and dug and dug until that dirt was all busted up! Normally my human does not let me dig in the square of dirt, but this time she did. That was so much fun!


Lights Out!

April 16, 2009

I learned a new trick – Lights Out! The book said it would take about a week to learn, but I learned it in one night. Because I am so smart! And there were treats involved.


Helping Grandpa

April 15, 2009

Today I got to play with Grandpa – that was very fun! He came and got me in the afternoon, and then I stupervised him while he did work in the yard. We played with dirt, and put little seeds on the ground, and then we played with the hose! I helped – I followed Grandpa around everywhere, because I like doing that – you never know what Grandpa will be up to next! A couple times I tried to go where I am not supposed to go, like across the street where the cat lives, but Grandpa said “come back” and I came back. Then my human came and got me, and we went home. A very fun afternoon!