Swamp Thing

March 30, 2009

Today was a bonus day – instead of going to Work, my human stayed home to play with me today! We had pancakes for breakfast, and then we went for a long walk, and then I helped her do the crossword puzzle. And then we tried to go to the dog park, but the ranger man said it was closed! So we went to granpa’s house instead, and we walked through the marsh! That was very exciting, because there are so many things to see and smell and chase in the marsh! But then I realized that all the chaseable things could see me coming with my white fur, so I decided to make some camofloogee by covering myself with nice, dark mud. I got as far as covering my legs when my human said we had to go, and she said something about “stinky” and “all over the car” before she wiped off all my nice camofloogee! Hey! I worked hard on that!

Grandpa says he could cut a path through the marsh and then we could go even further back there – that would be fun!


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