March 28, 2009

My human says that when a bunch of grass gets together and grows tall, the humans call it a “prairie”, and there used to be big huge prairies all over, but now we just have small places where the humans make prairies like they used to be. There is a prairie place by our house, and I like walking by there because there could be many things for me to chase in the tall grass! We do not go in the prairie, though, because it says “No Dogs Allowed.” I guess I cannot be a prairie dog.

The other day, the prairie by us caught on fire! (I didn’t do it.) The fire happened during the day, so we did not see it because my human was at Work and I was guarding the house. But we heard about it, and walked by there later to see what happened. All the grass is gone! The ground is all black and wet, my human says from the fire humans who poured water on it. My friend Spencer lives over that way, I wonder if he saw anything?

I like fires when they are small, and stay inside a metal container in Grandpa’s back yard, but I think a big fire would be scary. I am glad I did not see it! I am also glad that the fire humans stopped the fire by pouring water on it. Yay for fire humans!





  1. Hi Jake,

    I did hear the fire trucks, they are so loud, but I didn’t see any of the fire.

    When Mom got home she told me she had heard about it on her way home and was scared. She knew that Lacy, Phil(my sister and brother cats) and I were home and she didn’t know if we were safe.

    She ran in the house and gave all of us big hugs. When she took me outside it smelled like a big fireplace had been burning.

    I didn’t go look at the burned grass, but after the snow melts maybe I will.


  2. Hi Spencer, I am glad that you are OK! Those fire trucks must have been very loud. Maybe now that the grass is all burned, the critters that used to live there will come to my house, and I can chase them – that would be fun!

  3. Yay for fire humans! There is a really big ‘prairie’ by my house, but I cannot explore it the way I would like because of what my humans call an in-vee-sa-bal fense that shocks me if I go out of my yard. I do not like that! I know there are rabbits and mice and all sorts of fun critters to chase living back there.

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