Adventures With Grandpa

March 6, 2009

Today was very fun, because! In the afternoon I was guarding the house and waiting for my human to come home, when Grandpa came over! I saw him from the window, and then I waited at the top of the stairs for him. An adventure, oh boy! He took me for a ride and we went to his house – I played in the yard, and followed Grandpa around, and got covered in mud. And I met the neighbor man, and monitored the neighbor man’s cat. Then we were all standing out in the driveway talking, when my human drove up! I was so excited, I jumped all the way up to her nose! Then we played in the yard some more, and then! I killed a chicken! It was a tiny chicken, and he was on the ground, maybe he bonked into the window. I chased him and he tried to get away, but no such luck! I picked him up in my mouth and ran to the other side of the yard to eat him, but my human got grandpa and he got the tiny chicken from me and threw it into the big stick pile. I was disappointed, but that was OK, because later grandpa made real chicken on the grill, and I got to have some.

That was a very fun afternoon! I hope grandpa comes over again to spring me and have more adventures!


  1. oh for sure jake. especially as it gets warmer and we can play in the yard. we can also rest on the porch then and watch the people and bicyclists go by. you were a very good boy for me and obeyed me and stayed on our yard. thanks

  2. Yay – I like following you around, Grandpa, because you are always doing something interesting! When it gets warmer, can we have ice cream on the porch? (Shhhh, don’t tell mama.)

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