The Box

March 3, 2009

This afternoon, I was guarding the house when a big brown truck stopped in the street! I watched the truck from my guard post, and a man dressed in brown got out! He was carrying a square thing. Then he walked where I could not see him, but then! The man dressed in brown was on the back porch! Unauthorized! And he set the square thing down by the patio door! Unauthorized!!!

When my human came home, I tried to tell her what had happened, and then I went straight to the patio door! Look at the square thing from the man dressed in brown! She picked up the square thing and brought it inside the house – very dangerous! Who knows what it is? She said it was from the “Rawhide Depot”, but I do not know what that is. But then! She opened the square thing, and inside were lots and lots of my twirly chews! Such a deal! If I had known, I would have declared the man dressed in brown to be authorized.




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