Warm Day Walking

February 10, 2009

It has been cold and snow for a long time, but today the sun was shining and it was warm outside – yay! When my human came home, she and I went for a Long Walk – we walked for a whole hour! It was so nice to be outside! There were little humans out playing with balls and riding their bicycles, and I even heard a rocket people. And there were so many dogs! Oh, the dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs!

There were big dogs and little dogs and in between dogs! There were old dogs and puppy dogs! Fast dogs and slow dogs! All the dogs I saw looked different, but the one thing that was the same, was that all us dogs were so happy to be Walking outside. I saw two black labs who were carrying toys in their mouth while they Walked. And I saw a dog who only had three legs – I felt bad for him, but at least he was out for a Walk, so good for him! My human and I pulled over and let him have the whole sidewalk when he went by.

And I saw my girlfriend, Bear! Bear is a Retriever, which means that she brings things back. I do not always bring things back, so I am definitely not a Retriever. Usually I do not see Bear out for a Walk, because she has a yard with a fence where she can run whenever she wants. But today, she was out Walking! We said Hi and sniffed each other and wagged our tails.

I like going for Walks!

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