Double Happy Fun Day!

January 31, 2009

This morning my human declared “no work today”, which means that she is going to play with me all day, so I was very happy, but! Today was a double happy fun day! After we went for a Walk and to the Store, grandma and grandpa came over to visit me! Grandpa helped my human with her new talking picture box, and grandma made pretty noises on the piaNO. Then they went home, but later, I got to go over to their house and see them again! I ran and ran and ran, and then Grandpa made food on the big black smoky thing on the deck. And then! When the sun was starting to go down, I saw the biggest animal I have ever seen! It had four legs, and was very tall, and when it ran, I saw that it had a white tail. Definitely not a chicken! There were four of them – they came out of the marsh and walked slowly up to the forest. I barked and barked, and I was shaking I was so excited. My human did not let me chase them, because she did not think she would get me back. Then another white tail not-a-chicken came out of the marsh, but this one had sticks on his head! He went up to the forest, too – Grandpa says they sleep there at night. Later, when there were gone, my human let me go out, and I ran right up to the rocks at the edge of the yard and gave them what for. Don’t you come by me, not-a-chickens, I will chase you!

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