Swooping Chicken, Jumping Collie

January 8, 2009

This morning my human let me out into the yard, and I was pawing at the snow under the patio because I thought I saw a mole, when all of the sudden a huge chicken came swooping down from the sky! It was very big, with its wings all the way out it was a big as me. It was swooping back and forth in the yard, very close to the ground – so I jumped up to try and get it! I missed, and then it flew away. Then a little bit later it came swooping back, right at my human! (She was standing on the patio, watching me.) She screamed because she was scared, so I rescued her – I chased the swooping chicken away!

My human thinks it may have been a kind of chicken called an “owl” – I have not seen that kind of chicken before, although we heard them when we went camping. I hope the swooping chicken comes back! I don’t think my human feels the same way, though.


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