All Confused

January 5, 2009

My human stayed home with me for the past Five Days! That was very fun, because she played with me all the time, and I got to go outside whenever I wanted, and go on adventures, and take naps with her. But then today she had to go back to work, and I settled in to guard the house. But then! I heard her car come back later in the morning. But she did not come in! I watched her from the window, she let a man into the garage and into the basement, and then she drove away and then I heard noises coming from down there! After a while the man left, and then my human came back at the normal time for lunch. Very confusing! But now the water in my bowl tastes better, so I think he was here to fix something.

Then she came home from work at the normal time, and we went for a walk. But then the Enemy Dog from across the street came running out of his house, right towards us, growling and snarling! I was scared! But my human stepped right in the front of the Enemy Dog, and she used the Big Voice and said “Hey!” When she uses the Big Voice, she sounds a little bit like Grandpa, and so the Enemy Dog stopped right there until his owner came and got him. I am used to guarding my human, but I guess she can guard me, too.

All in all, a very confusing day. I hope things will be Normal tomorrow.


One comment

  1. I peed on the Enemy Dog’s yard today. Just to get the last word.

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