Super Happy Fun Day!

January 2, 2009

My human has been super-cleaning the house for the past two days. That was interesting, because we got to spend time in the cold cement room downstairs where there are many things to investigate, and then upstairs she moved everything around and made the kitchen floor all wet and played with the noisy machine a lot and when she moved the couch we found a rawhide bone that I thought I had lost! It was nice to have her home all day, and I made sure that she stopped cleaning every once in a while to play with me.

This morning, though, my human decided Enough! No more super-cleaning, time for a super-happy fun day! So after breakfast, we played in the yard, and then! We went to Mounds, and I got to go in and shop! They had a bin of toys that were on sale for one dollar (I think that is like one tennis ball), and I picked out a toy that makes a “moo” sound. And then we went to the Bank, where the treat comes out of the tube for me! And then we went to the music store, where my human got some new instructions for how to make noise with the piaNO. (I did not go in that store.) And then! We went to another pet store, and I got to in that one, too! We did not get anything at that store, but they had talking chickens for sale! The lady at the counter had one of the talking chickens sitting right on her shoulder! That was very exciting!

And then! We went to my human’s office, and said hello to the people she works with. I was worried that she would stay there, even though she told me “No Work Today”. And then! We got a hambaburger from the Culver place, and we went over to grandma and grandpa’s house to eat and play! Grandma and Grandpa were not home, but! When we got there, I saw two gobbler chickens in the back yard! Right at the bottom of the deck! I got out of the car and ran right down there, and escorted them off the premises! Then we had lunch, and I did another perimeter check. And then! When we were getting ready to go, I saw a squirrel on the deck railing! I put my paws up on the patio door, and my human let me out to get him. He ran across the railing and I chased him, and I got a taste of his fur! But then he jumped into the tree and ran up to the top branch and sat there chittering at me. You should be scared, little squirrel, I almost got you!

Then we went home and took a nap, I curled up right at my human’s tummy. But the adventures were not over yet! We went for a long ride! To deliver meals to the old humans. I helped, I guarded the car while she brought them their food.

What a super happy fun day! Now we are home, and I am sleeping on the couch while my human writes down what to get at the food store tomorrow morning. I hope she gets chicken.

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