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Double Happy Fun Day!

January 31, 2009

This morning my human declared “no work today”, which means that she is going to play with me all day, so I was very happy, but! Today was a double happy fun day! After we went for a Walk and to the Store, grandma and grandpa came over to visit me! Grandpa helped my human with her new talking picture box, and grandma made pretty noises on the piaNO. Then they went home, but later, I got to go over to their house and see them again! I ran and ran and ran, and then Grandpa made food on the big black smoky thing on the deck. And then! When the sun was starting to go down, I saw the biggest animal I have ever seen! It had four legs, and was very tall, and when it ran, I saw that it had a white tail. Definitely not a chicken! There were four of them – they came out of the marsh and walked slowly up to the forest. I barked and barked, and I was shaking I was so excited. My human did not let me chase them, because she did not think she would get me back. Then another white tail not-a-chicken came out of the marsh, but this one had sticks on his head! He went up to the forest, too – Grandpa says they sleep there at night. Later, when there were gone, my human let me go out, and I ran right up to the rocks at the edge of the yard and gave them what for. Don’t you come by me, not-a-chickens, I will chase you!


Watching and Waiting

January 23, 2009

A Photo Essay by Grandma


Grandma & Grandpa’s house is ok, but I’ll watch for my human to come back…


Is that my human coming? I’ll go look!
waiting waiting

Still Waiting‏

Not yet -where is she? I’ll just wait over here.

Swooping Chicken, Jumping Collie

January 8, 2009

This morning my human let me out into the yard, and I was pawing at the snow under the patio because I thought I saw a mole, when all of the sudden a huge chicken came swooping down from the sky! It was very big, with its wings all the way out it was a big as me. It was swooping back and forth in the yard, very close to the ground – so I jumped up to try and get it! I missed, and then it flew away. Then a little bit later it came swooping back, right at my human! (She was standing on the patio, watching me.) She screamed because she was scared, so I rescued her – I chased the swooping chicken away!

My human thinks it may have been a kind of chicken called an “owl” – I have not seen that kind of chicken before, although we heard them when we went camping. I hope the swooping chicken comes back! I don’t think my human feels the same way, though.



All Confused

January 5, 2009

My human stayed home with me for the past Five Days! That was very fun, because she played with me all the time, and I got to go outside whenever I wanted, and go on adventures, and take naps with her. But then today she had to go back to work, and I settled in to guard the house. But then! I heard her car come back later in the morning. But she did not come in! I watched her from the window, she let a man into the garage and into the basement, and then she drove away and then I heard noises coming from down there! After a while the man left, and then my human came back at the normal time for lunch. Very confusing! But now the water in my bowl tastes better, so I think he was here to fix something.

Then she came home from work at the normal time, and we went for a walk. But then the Enemy Dog from across the street came running out of his house, right towards us, growling and snarling! I was scared! But my human stepped right in the front of the Enemy Dog, and she used the Big Voice and said “Hey!” When she uses the Big Voice, she sounds a little bit like Grandpa, and so the Enemy Dog stopped right there until his owner came and got him. I am used to guarding my human, but I guess she can guard me, too.

All in all, a very confusing day. I hope things will be Normal tomorrow.


Super Happy Fun Day!

January 2, 2009

My human has been super-cleaning the house for the past two days. That was interesting, because we got to spend time in the cold cement room downstairs where there are many things to investigate, and then upstairs she moved everything around and made the kitchen floor all wet and played with the noisy machine a lot and when she moved the couch we found a rawhide bone that I thought I had lost! It was nice to have her home all day, and I made sure that she stopped cleaning every once in a while to play with me.

This morning, though, my human decided Enough! No more super-cleaning, time for a super-happy fun day! So after breakfast, we played in the yard, and then! We went to Mounds, and I got to go in and shop! They had a bin of toys that were on sale for one dollar (I think that is like one tennis ball), and I picked out a toy that makes a “moo” sound. And then we went to the Bank, where the treat comes out of the tube for me! And then we went to the music store, where my human got some new instructions for how to make noise with the piaNO. (I did not go in that store.) And then! We went to another pet store, and I got to in that one, too! We did not get anything at that store, but they had talking chickens for sale! The lady at the counter had one of the talking chickens sitting right on her shoulder! That was very exciting!

And then! We went to my human’s office, and said hello to the people she works with. I was worried that she would stay there, even though she told me “No Work Today”. And then! We got a hambaburger from the Culver place, and we went over to grandma and grandpa’s house to eat and play! Grandma and Grandpa were not home, but! When we got there, I saw two gobbler chickens in the back yard! Right at the bottom of the deck! I got out of the car and ran right down there, and escorted them off the premises! Then we had lunch, and I did another perimeter check. And then! When we were getting ready to go, I saw a squirrel on the deck railing! I put my paws up on the patio door, and my human let me out to get him. He ran across the railing and I chased him, and I got a taste of his fur! But then he jumped into the tree and ran up to the top branch and sat there chittering at me. You should be scared, little squirrel, I almost got you!

Then we went home and took a nap, I curled up right at my human’s tummy. But the adventures were not over yet! We went for a long ride! To deliver meals to the old humans. I helped, I guarded the car while she brought them their food.

What a super happy fun day! Now we are home, and I am sleeping on the couch while my human writes down what to get at the food store tomorrow morning. I hope she gets chicken.