New Wildlife

December 29, 2008

My human and I went for a walk today, and we saw a new thing! There is a place with a bunch of trees in our neighborhood, and today an animal came walking out of the trees that I have never seen before! It was red, and had pointy ears, and a long bushy tail. I did not know what it was – is it a kind of dog, or rabbit, or what? So I stood very still and stared at it, and he stood very still and stared at me. Then I barked! And he ran back into the trees.

That was a very interesting thing, I hope I see him again! I think he would be fun to chase.


Sound of a fox barking



  1. I saw him again this morning! He was running through the park behind the house and barking. So I barked back at him! My human told me that was maybe too much barking so early in the morning, but! I had to inform him that this is not his house!

  2. Hi Jake,

    My Mom tells me that that animal is called a fox. I’ve seen him a number of times, when Mom and I go outside in the morning before she goes to work.

    I bet its the same fox, because your house is on the other side of the trees in our back yard.

    When I see him again, I’ll bark at him. Mom says he is a very pretty animal; whatever pretty means.


  3. Hi Spencer –
    So that is the neighborhood fox! My human thinks he is pretty, too, but I think he is just Unauthorized. I do not know if he will come by our house again, because I barked at him so much.
    Have a happy new year!
    – Jake

    PS – Grandma I fixed the sound link so you should be able to hear it now!

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