Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2008

I had a very Merry Christmas this year! I went over to grandma and grandpa’s house to play, and I went on a freedom walk! Grandpa and my human took me for a walk on the trail behind grandpa’s house, and because there was nobody there, I got to walk without my leash! I was very good, I just walked a little bit ahead to scout things out, and came back when they called me. I tried to go into the field, but the snow was very deep, so I decided to stay on the trail. Then we saw a wheelie man, riding down the trail right towards us! But I did not chase him or anything, and then my human said hi to the wheelie man and he said hi to her and then I knew he was Authorized. Grandpa calculated that I walked at least twice as far as they did, because I kept running ahead and running back!

And I got presents! Santa brought me some tasty new things to chew on, and treats, and new squeaky tennis balls! That is very good, because I lost a squeaky ball in the snow, and I will not be able to find it until everything melts. And! I got a genius toy, because I am a genius dog! I have two genius toys already, and they can be hooked together to make an extra hard challenge. But that is no problem, because I am extra smart!

It was a very fun day – thank you Santa for the presents! I will be sure not to bark at you when you come next year.

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