Snow Day 2!

December 19, 2008

Today was another snow day – yay! My human stayed home and played with me again today, I got to jump around in all the white stuff that was on the ground. We played snow fetch, which is hard, because the ball sinks into the snow and then I have to Find It. I am learning how to play snow fetch very well, before I would just run and pounce and make a big mess in the snow and then the ball is very hard to find. But now! I have figured out to wait and see the little hole that the ball makes in the snow, and then I pounce right there and get it!

Then we went for a walk in the afternoon, and we saw a person whose car was stuck in the snow and the end of their driveway. My human helped push them out, and she just put my leash down and said Stay and I sat there very patiently until she was done. Because I am a good boy! And, I was waiting to see if she needed my help.

It was a very fun day, and now I am tired – time to sleep!



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