Snow Day!

December 9, 2008

There is a lot of the white stuff falling from the sky, so my human did not go to work today – yay! Now she can play with me all day! We go out in the snow for a little bit and play, but it is cold so I want to go right back in. But as soon as my paws thaw out, I want to go back outside. Every once in a while my human goes and pokes at the compooter, I think she is doing work. If she can do work and be home today, why can’t she do that every day?


  1. how wonderful jake. snow days and rain days keep you inside with limited time to play. next you have to convince your momma to take a play day in nice weather so that you can both play and have fun all day for no reason except that you want to. that way you can play a lot more. especially if its warm.
    love granpa

  2. oh oh i forgot jake the turkeys came through the yard today there were five of them. i guess, keeping watch on granpa’s yard is a year round job. i am sure that you can handle it.

  3. That is a good idea! I will have to remind her to take a play day even after the white stuff goes away.

    Turkeys in the yard – oh no! I’d better come over and do a perimeter check!

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