Dear Santa

December 8, 2008

Dear Santa –
I have been a very good boy this year! Well, most of the time. I think we can both agree that sometimes squirrels just need chasing. And that incident with the newspaper can be our little secret.

I hear that you go to everybody’s house on Christmas Eve and give them presents! That is great! Except, with so many houses to go to, I’m sure it is hard for you to figure out what everyone wants. So! I have put together a list of things that I really like, and maybe you can read it and get some ideas! Thank you Santa! I will leave a plate of biscuits out for you, and some rawhide chews for the reindeers. (I promise I will not chase your reindeers, unless maybe they try to come in the house.)

flossies This is my favorite thing to chew on! Now that I don’t chew on my human’s shoes anymore. It is made out of rawhide, but! It is all twirly shaped, so it is very fun to chew! These are at Mounds, but be careful Santa, there are two kinds – the fancy expensive kind, and the plain kind – I like just the plain kind.
squeaky-ball Squeaky ball, squeaky ball, how I love my squeaky ball! I like to play fetch with it, and make music with it. The one I have is starting to get worn out, though, so I need a new one!
caninecarryouts These are my favorite treats, they are very chewy and yummy! They come in all flavors – cow and pig and chicken.
caninegenius This is a super fun toy! My human fills it with tasty treats (see above), and then I have to get them back out! I bounce it on the floor, and roll it and kick it, and sometimes even throw it down the stairs! I already have this toy, but they can be hooked together to make an extra tough challenge. But I am part border collie, so bring it on!
rabbit I have seen these in the back yard, they look like a very fun toy to play with. I try to chase them but I have never caught one. Could you bring me one, Santa?

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