Is That Everything?

November 12, 2008

Last night my human noticed that I had toys scattered all over the floor (yes, Aunt Darlene, I am a spoiled little dog). So we played Put Away! I did a very good job, I put away the squeaky ball and the tennis ball and the squeaky tennis ball and the rope and the rubber bone and mama’s shoe and the pointy thing and the green ball and the yellow ball and the kong!

I think I got everything.



  1. Hi Jake,

    I like to play hide and seeks with my toys. I put them under the couch, behind the big talking picture, under the box that holds the ice treats and many othe places. Then I ask Mom and Dad to find them.

    I think they like the game. but sometimes they say Spencer that toys need a time out and put it up where I can’t reach it.

    I do have one question, why did you put your humans shoe in with the toys, my Mom say they go in the HUGH box with the outside clothes.

    Between you and me I sometimes think our humans have to many rules, but most of the time they just want to play with us.

    Tell Aunt Darlene that you aren’t spoiled just a very lucky, very loved dog and you have the best human in the whole world.


  2. Hi Spencer –
    That sounds like a very fun game! Sometimes my tennis ball goes under the couch, and then I whine and whine until my human gets it for me. My human also sometimes tries to put a toys in a time out by putting it up on top of the cold food box, but then I just sit there and stare at it.

    I put my human’s shoe in the toy box because she told me to Put Away, and that means that everything that is on the floor has to go in the box. She always takes her shoes off when she comes in the house and leaves them on the floor by the door, just like Grandpa.

    I agree that humans have too many rules sometimes, but I suppose they have to do all kinds of complicated things in life – we dogs just have to eat and sleep and play, and guard the house. I like my human very much, and I am glad she spoils me!
    – Jake

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