Emergency Peoples!

November 7, 2008

Last night there was excitement on our street! My human and I were outside in the yard for one last perimeter check when a big red truck drove by! It had flashing lights and made a loud noise! Then another truck just like it drove by, and then another! I was very excited, because of course I am chief of homeland security for my house, and these trucks looked like they were on a serious Level 8 alert! So my human put on a coat and got my leash, and we went to investigate. When we got down the street, a lot of people were standing there watching, some of the neighbor people that I know, and some new people that I got to meet for the first time. And there were FIVE big red trucks, plus two things called am-a-lances, and also another truck with yellow lights. I cannot read, so I did not know what the letters on the side of that truck said, but my human said it was from a place called MGE.

The emergency peoples in the big red trucks wore big coats and hats, and they had big axes for busting up wood – I think I would like to have one of those! We did not see any fire or smoke, but the emergency peoples were very busy going in and out of a house with special tanks on their backs so they could breathe. Emergency peoples are the best! I think I could be an emergency people, because I am so good at going on alert! Plus I heard that white dogs with black spots get to ride on the big red trucks, I could do that and tell them where the emergency is!

It was a very exciting night – I got to meet new neighbors, and see big red trucks and emergency peoples! With hats!



  1. those people are there to help you when you are hurt or in danger. they are very good people. grandpa used to be one of the people on the am-a-lances. don’t ever be afraid of them.

  2. I like emergency peoples – I am glad you used to be one of them! I can see how dogs might be scared of them, though, because they look so different. That would be a good thing for the emergency peoples to do, is let dogs visit the house where the big red trucks live and see them in their coats and hats when there is no emergency, so dogs learn that they’re OK.

  3. jake emergency peoples have what they call open houses. you could visit at that time and maybe get more comfortable with. i still know some chiefs of emergency people i will ask them about this.

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