Are We There Yet?

November 3, 2008

When we go to grandma and grandpa’s house, we take the sneaky back way, because there aren’t as many cars. There are cows on that road, and when we go by them I stick my whole head out the window, because that is a very exciting smell! The sneaky back way also does not have the big lights on sticks where two roads cross each other. The big stick lights tell the cars if they can go or if they should stop. There is a big stick light at the end of the cow road, very close to grandma and grandpa’s house. Sometimes when we get there the big stick light says Stop, but we are so close! Why do we have to Stop? So I try to climb over my human and get out of the car, because I could run to grandma and grandpa’s house from there – it is just over the hill!

I do not like Stop – I like to go!


  1. jake so glad that you have a sense of where our place is. nice job with the mayor yesterday now he also knows that this is your personal dog park.

  2. I was a very good dog, and did not jump on the mayor at all! Unless you want me to.

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