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November 30, 2008

My job is to guard the house, and I had to work on Thanksgiving day, because my human went to Illa-noise to play with other people there, but going to Illa-noise would mean a very long time in the car, which I do not really like, plus there would be many people and tiny humans, so that would be a little too exciting for me. But my friend Mary from next door came to play with me in the afternoon, and then my human came home that night, so it was OK.

Then the next day, my human went to work, but! Grandpa came in the afternoon to take me to his house! I got to run and run and run, and play with Grandpa! We played with sticks in the yard, I helped him put the sticks in a big pile. Some of the sticks that he was carrying were very big, so I helped by grabbing the other end. Then I scared away the bogeyman! He was wearing a thing on his head and all I could see were his eyes. Very scary!

But the fun was not over yet! Because the next day, I got to go back to the private dog park again! I ran and ran and ran in the yard, and helped Gramma bring fun red and green stuff up from the basement, and helped Grandpa with the pretty lights in front of the house, and then – winner winner, chicken dinner! We stayed for supper, and I got to have chicken AND potatoes AND vegemables AND a piece of yam! That was very yummy! Grandpa wanted me to have my very own Thankschicken dinner, because I was home alone on Thanksgiving, and because I am such a good dog and very cute.

Now am I tired. The white stuff is falling from the sky again, so I am curled up in my chair watching it. I am very thankful to have such fun humans that play with me and give me chicken.


Turkey Alternative?

November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving morning
Eyeing the crows in the sky
No, not big enough


Jake’s Concerto

November 21, 2008

Title: Concerto in Squeak Major
Composer: Jacob Ziggy Marley
Artist: JZM Philharmonic


Is That Everything?

November 12, 2008

Last night my human noticed that I had toys scattered all over the floor (yes, Aunt Darlene, I am a spoiled little dog). So we played Put Away! I did a very good job, I put away the squeaky ball and the tennis ball and the squeaky tennis ball and the rope and the rubber bone and mama’s shoe and the pointy thing and the green ball and the yellow ball and the kong!

I think I got everything.



Emergency Peoples!

November 7, 2008

Last night there was excitement on our street! My human and I were outside in the yard for one last perimeter check when a big red truck drove by! It had flashing lights and made a loud noise! Then another truck just like it drove by, and then another! I was very excited, because of course I am chief of homeland security for my house, and these trucks looked like they were on a serious Level 8 alert! So my human put on a coat and got my leash, and we went to investigate. When we got down the street, a lot of people were standing there watching, some of the neighbor people that I know, and some new people that I got to meet for the first time. And there were FIVE big red trucks, plus two things called am-a-lances, and also another truck with yellow lights. I cannot read, so I did not know what the letters on the side of that truck said, but my human said it was from a place called MGE.

The emergency peoples in the big red trucks wore big coats and hats, and they had big axes for busting up wood – I think I would like to have one of those! We did not see any fire or smoke, but the emergency peoples were very busy going in and out of a house with special tanks on their backs so they could breathe. Emergency peoples are the best! I think I could be an emergency people, because I am so good at going on alert! Plus I heard that white dogs with black spots get to ride on the big red trucks, I could do that and tell them where the emergency is!

It was a very exciting night – I got to meet new neighbors, and see big red trucks and emergency peoples! With hats!


Bonus Day

November 5, 2008

Every week my human goes away for 5 days, and then plays with me for 2 days – that is the pattern. But sometimes, I get a bonus day in the middle of the week when my human stays home to play with me – that is very fun! Today I had a bonus afternoon, because the sun was shining, and my human does not like to stay inside when the sun is shining, especially in November. She went away this morning, but then at lunchtime she came home and stayed home, and played with me outside all afternoon! We went for a long walk, and then she raked leaves. I helped! I watered the leaf piles so they would not blow away. And then the Leaf People came to take the leaves away with their big noisy truck and a wind machine, so I gave them instructions. Then we played fetch for a while, and then we went to Mounds, where all the clerks petted me and gave me treats and said I was very cute.

And then! Bonus day was not over yet, because! I got to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house! I did a perimeter check, and got very yummy leftover spaghetti to eat, and I performed a squeaky ball concert for their entertainment. Then I got to go for a ride with Grandpa to the store! When my human came back to pick me up, I was sitting on the front porch with Grandpa, and I did not need a leash or anything! Because I like sitting by Grandpa. Also my human saw an empty ice cream bowl on the porch, I wonder where that came from.

It was a very fun bonus day! Now I am tired.


Are We There Yet?

November 3, 2008

When we go to grandma and grandpa’s house, we take the sneaky back way, because there aren’t as many cars. There are cows on that road, and when we go by them I stick my whole head out the window, because that is a very exciting smell! The sneaky back way also does not have the big lights on sticks where two roads cross each other. The big stick lights tell the cars if they can go or if they should stop. There is a big stick light at the end of the cow road, very close to grandma and grandpa’s house. Sometimes when we get there the big stick light says Stop, but we are so close! Why do we have to Stop? So I try to climb over my human and get out of the car, because I could run to grandma and grandpa’s house from there – it is just over the hill!

I do not like Stop – I like to go!