New Job – Therapy Dog!

October 19, 2008

Last week I had a new job – therapy dog! Grandma went to the hospital and got a new knee, and then she came home to rest and get better. So I went to her house to help her! I gave her kisses, and told her when people were walking by the house, and ate what was left of her lunch when she didn’t want to finish it. I also made sure that she got enough exercise, by walking behind her and herding her around the house.

I got to go play with Grandma every day last week! That was very fun! Because, when I was not helping her, I got to have unlimited freedom in the private dog park! I did perimeter checks, and chased squirrels, and monitored the ducks in the pond! So much fun! I was so tired when I got home each night that I just fell asleep right on the couch. Being a therapy dog is very hard work!


  1. Hi Jake,

    Its nice of you to take care of your grandma after her knee surgery.

    When she gets better, her knee will be as good a new, then you can ask her to take you for a long walk on the bike trail, behind her private dog park.

    I know she would like that because she really liked to walk there before her knee made her stop.

    Give her a big kiss, you know how grandma’s like that!!

    Your friend Spencer

  2. Hi Spencer! That is a great idea, when grandma’s knee gets stronger, I will ask her if she wants to go for a walk with me and my human on the trail! I bet it will be good for her, because I like to stop and sniff things, so that will give her a chance to pause and rest.

  3. Jake,
    Thank you for being my Therapy Dog when I got home from the hospital. Grandpa has taken over herding responsibilities now. We go for walks outside in the neighborhood and he herds me back when it’s time. And today I drove the CAR! Grandpa herded me around curvy streets and made me stop and go alot. It is fun but I miss your nose nudging me along. I wouldn’t be healing so well if you hadn’t started out my therapy.
    Love, Grandma

  4. I am glad that you are walking around outside, Grandma – good job! Make sure you get a treat whenever you do something good, that is how it works. Wow, an adventure in the Car, that must have been fun! It is very good that Grandpa is taking care of you, he is very good at that. And he herds you around, maybe he is part border collie too! Give him a big wet sloppy kiss for me!

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