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Duck Guts

October 26, 2008

I like chicken – it is a fun treat and very tasty. I get chicken a lot, because my human eats chicken a lot. It is nice to have something reliable like chicken, but sometimes it is also nice to have something different. So my human decided to eat quacker chicken, which is kind of like regular chicken but it tastes a little different. She got a whole quacker chicken from the store, and then she put it inside the big hot box in the kitchen. There were little tasty bits inside the quacker chicken, and she cooked them and gave them to me! That was very exciting, and very tasty! Of course, I am not used to eating that kind of thing, so my tummy got a little upset, but I ate some grass and I was OK.

It is nice to have special treats, but regular chicken is still my favorite.


One Dog, One Vote

October 25, 2008

This morning when my human and I went for a walk, I noticed many signs stuck into the ground with writing on them. My human says that these are the names of two different humans who want to be prez-o-dent. She says humans do a thing called “voting” where they mark a piece of paper to say which person they want.

So I voted, too! I went up to one of the signs, and peed on it! My human is not sure if that means I voted for that person or against them, but I am not going to tell her, because it is supposed to be a secret ballot. I like voting, it is very fun!


New Job – Therapy Dog!

October 19, 2008

Last week I had a new job – therapy dog! Grandma went to the hospital and got a new knee, and then she came home to rest and get better. So I went to her house to help her! I gave her kisses, and told her when people were walking by the house, and ate what was left of her lunch when she didn’t want to finish it. I also made sure that she got enough exercise, by walking behind her and herding her around the house.

I got to go play with Grandma every day last week! That was very fun! Because, when I was not helping her, I got to have unlimited freedom in the private dog park! I did perimeter checks, and chased squirrels, and monitored the ducks in the pond! So much fun! I was so tired when I got home each night that I just fell asleep right on the couch. Being a therapy dog is very hard work!


New Game

October 10, 2008

Last night the neighborhood kids came over to play with me, and they invented a new game! It involved scoring points for throwing the ball to me, going up to 10, and then counting back down to zero, and then running around the tree. I did not really understand the game, only the part where they threw the ball to me. I don’t think my human understood the game either, she just made sure that they took turns. It was very fun, though!


Stick Figure

October 2, 2008

Today when my human and I were out walking, I saw some people walking behind us, and the man was carrying a long stick! It made him walk funny, so I stopped and stared at him – why are you walking like that, Stick Man? My human said it was OK, but I would not move, so we waited until they caught up with us. My human said hello to them, and they said hello to her, but I still did not move, because I had never seen a Stick Man before! Then the Stick Man said hello to me! I barked, and then lay down, and then got up and wagged my tail, because I decided that the Stick Man was OK.