Camping! (Part 2)

September 20, 2008

Camping was very exciting – there were so many fun things to do! My human and I went for long long walks every day, but they were not like our normal walks with cement and houses, there were trees and rocks and prairies and all kinds of new things to see and smell! There was water, too – I went swimming for the very first time! My human said I looked like a little otter. And there were chippies and squirrels and big birds to chase! I was very good, though, and came back when my human told me to. We ate our food outside, and then at night we had campfires! I helped break up little sticks for the fire, and I had practice with campfires at grandpa’s house, so I already knew how to keep my tail out of the fire. When it was time to sleep, we went into the little house of cloth. At first I did not understand, and tried to get back out, but then I saw my human lay down to go to sleep, so I slept too. I did not even bark at all the noises we heard – I was too tired from all the fun camping activities!

I like camping a lot – I hope I get to go again!

One comment

  1. wow what an adventure. you and angie had a very good time and experienced some new things. you were a very good boy and did just as the indians by leaving nothing but your paw prints behind. just exactly the best way to enjoy the outdoors.


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