Camping! (Part 1)

September 19, 2008

This week I found out why my human has a little house of cloth – it is for camping! We got into the car and went for a long ride, and when the ride was done, we were at the Stick Factory, where sticks are made! (My human says it is called a “forest”.) I did not know what to think at first, because there were so many different things to see and hear and smell! But I watched my human, and followed her around, so it was OK. My human set up the little house of cloth in an outdoor living room, and that is where we stayed. We went on many long walks through the Stick Factory, and I saw many different animals:

  • Cows – I did not see these while we were camping, I saw them on the ride to the Stick Factory. Normally I see cows on the way to grandma and grandpa’s house, so I thought maybe we were going there.
  • Squirrels – There were many squirrels in the Stick Factory! I think they work there, making all the sticks. I chased them, but they would run up into a tree and then I did not know where to look for them.
  • Chippies – I have seen chippies before, but these were wild chippies! They are very ferocious, and must be chased. But wild chippies are even faster than regular chippies, so I did not catch any.
  • Turkeys – I chased a turkey once, but this time there were four of them! We were walking by a field, and all of a sudden I saw a turkey head sticking up out of the grass! I tried to chase him, and then suddenly four of them jumped up and flew away! I stood right up on my back legs so I could see them over the tall grass.
  • Deer – This is the biggest animal I have ever seen! It came out of the trees, and looked at us, and then went back into the trees. I did not know what to do, because it was so big! So I looked at my human – what is that? Am I supposed to chase it?
  • Noisy Birds – There were many birds that made all kinds of different noises. There were cawing birds, and shrieking birds, and quacking birds, and honking birds, and at night there were hooting birds. Sometimes in the afternoon, when we were sitting quietly in the outdoor living room, we heard a bird high up in the trees, hitting the wood with his beak very fast and making a sound like “puck puck puck puck puck”. I never saw the little pucker, though.
  • Geese – I have chased geese before, so I know that they are hard to catch, because they can run and fly and swim. But this time I saw a whole flock of them! Sitting all together! I have never seen so many geese all together at once, that was very exciting! I chased them, of course. They jumped into the water and I tried to follow them, but they swim better than I do.
  • Small Brown Objects – I saw many of these when we went on walks through the Stick Factory. Most of the time they turned out to be just leaves, but from a distance it is hard to tell, so I went on Yellow Alert until I got close enough to check them out.
  • Caterpillar – This is like a small black and brown stick, except it is fuzzy, and it moves. I saw one on the ground, and I sniffed it, then I tried to lick it. Then I snorted, because caterpillars taste icky.
  • Hawks – I saw a whole bunch of these up in the sky, flying around in circles. My human was worried, because she does not like birds, and these are strong birds that could maybe carry away a medium-sized dog like me. She should not worry, though – I barked at them, and they flew away.

One animal that I did not see was a raccoon – that must be because I am such a black-belt superstar guard dog, so no raccoon would ever dare approach. Also, my human kept all the food inside the car.

My human took many pictures of our camping adventure, so you can see all the exciting things we did!

Camping! Part 2


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