Test Run

August 28, 2008

My human set up a little house made of cloth in the back yard. She said it was a “test run”. I wonder what that could mean?



  1. what a new experience. what you have to focus on is that your mom is with you and will coach you in every new experience. also i hope you do not get too exited when night falls. have fun grandpa

  2. The test run is to get ready for some of the best days you will ever have – camping – I get so excited when I can tell that my human roommate is getting things ready to take us to the mountains – the smells, the freedom – and with any luck there will be lots of squirrels – I can find them and point them out to my roomie – and I am so patient and I know one day one of them will come down out of the trees…………have fun!

  3. Macidog is SO right!!! Jake – this IS preperation for some of the best days in a dog’s life!!!
    You can tell Jake is ‘getting it’….his tail’s wagging, he picks up the ball knowing something fun is going on!! he just can’t quite figure out how to get out!! :)
    Let us know when ‘testing’ is over, as cousin Dawson would love to have his human roomates take him camping any day of the week!

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