I Fought The Wasp

August 24, 2008

There was a wasp on the observation deck at the private dog park today! I like to eat bugs, so I thought maybe a wasp would be tasty, too, and I tried to catch one. I guess wasps do not like to get eaten though – he stung me! Right by my eye! It hurt. And it made me mad! Don’t you sting me, wasp! I will eat you! So I chased him and killed him, and then Grandpa stepped on him.

But then my eye started to swell up – it got very big and purple! But I could still breath OK, and was walking around just fine, so Grandpa said I would be OK. My human said I looked like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (whoever they are), because my face had one happy eye and one frowny eye. My human was going to take a picture of my eye to show you, but by the time she remembered, it was all better! The big purple part is gone now, and both my eyes are the same – all the better to see those sneaky wasps!


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