Crouching Collie, Hidden Chippie

August 17, 2008

I had an adventure at the private dog park – I did a perimeter check as usual, but then I heard a noise! It was coming from a big tube thing next to the house. There was a skittering noise, and then a high-pitched squeak! It sounded like a chipmunk, but I did not see a chipmunk anywhere! Then I realized that the chippie must be hidden inside the tube – very sneaky! I crouched down next to the tube, and then pushed at it with my paw. The chippie squeaked again! I barked at the tube, but the chippie did not come out. Then I tried to bite the tube, but it was made of metal. I barked again, and the chippie squeaked again, but he did not come out. Then grandpa came and shook the tube, and still the chippie did not come out – he just skittered and squeaked from inside the tube.

Since I am not the kind of dog that waits patiently for things, I left the chippie in the tube and went on to play other games. For all I know, the chippie is probably still there in the tube, too scared to come out.


One comment

  1. jake that chippy is now soaking his acorns in your water dish. you better come out and show him a what for or two. grandpa

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