Fast Dog Stalking

August 9, 2008

There are rabbits in the pine tree in my yard, and I like to chase them – they go very fast, though, so I have never caught one. Today there was a rabbit standing by the tree, and I started to chase him, but then I remembered what my buddy Brusca taught me – to stalk up to them real slow. She was very good at stalking – she would lift one paw up at a time, slow slow slow, and then put it back down just a little further ahead. She would keep doing that, one paw at a time, and rabbits would not even know she was coming until she got up real close.

So I tried, but I am not as good at stalking as Brusca was, because I am too excited about seeing a rabbit! I lifted one paw up slow, and then put it down quick, and then took a couple steps before I remembered that I was supposed to be going slow. But the rabbit did not move, and I got pretty close! Then it was too exciting, and I had to chase him! He got away, though. I guess I will have to practice stalking some more.



  1. Hi Jake,

    I’ve never chased a rabbit, I’ll have to try that, but I do go on mole patrol everyday.

    They are small, gray and about the size of a mouse. I have caught twelve of them, the only problem is once I pounce on them they don’t move anymore so Mom or Dad come and pick them up.

    I don’t understand why they don’t want to play after I pounce on them, it really puzzles me. Have fun chasing your rabbits.

    Your Grandma says there is a turkey in their yard, maybe you could chase that the next time you visit.

    Your friend Spencer.

  2. Hi Spencer! Wow, you are a great mole-catcher! I think I saw a mole once – my human is not sure, it was small and gray and mouse-sized. I caught him and shook him, but then he got away.

    I went to Grandma’s house last night, and I saw the turkey feathers in the yard! I sniffed and sniffed and went in circles. I hope the turkey comes back!

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