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Musical Chairs

August 31, 2008

I went to visit grandma and grandpa, and they gave me chicken, and let me play musical chairs! I had a very good time.


No Take Backs

August 30, 2008

Today I had a very exciting adventure – we went for a ride in the car, and when the car stopped, we were at the dog shelter! I was very excited, because I could smell all the dogs there. And that was the place where my human got me. Hey wait, is she trying to take me back?

My human was not taking me back – she was giving some of my old puppy toys to the shelter so other dogs could play with them. Whew! The shelter was very nice, but I like where I live now. Besides, my human can’t return me, because she didn’t keep the receipt. (Or maybe I ate it – ha ha ha.)


Test Run

August 28, 2008

My human set up a little house made of cloth in the back yard. She said it was a “test run”. I wonder what that could mean?



August 27, 2008

Artist: Jake
Medium: Tennis ball and bone


Killer Jake

August 26, 2008

I killed something for the very first time today! I was playing fetch with the neighbor girl, and all of the sudden I saw something under the patio! It was small and furry and greyish-brown, and stuck his nose out from under the steps. Bad move, little grey furry thing! I dragged him out with my paw, and stomped on him, and then I shook him! Then I started to carry him out into the yard, but my human said “leave it” so I left it. The neighbor girl’s eyes got big big big, but her dad explained that sometimes dogs kill small animals, and that’s just what we do.

I checked under the patio for more little grey furry things, but I did not see any. I’ll be ready if another one dares to poke his nose out, though!


I Fought The Wasp

August 24, 2008

There was a wasp on the observation deck at the private dog park today! I like to eat bugs, so I thought maybe a wasp would be tasty, too, and I tried to catch one. I guess wasps do not like to get eaten though – he stung me! Right by my eye! It hurt. And it made me mad! Don’t you sting me, wasp! I will eat you! So I chased him and killed him, and then Grandpa stepped on him.

But then my eye started to swell up – it got very big and purple! But I could still breath OK, and was walking around just fine, so Grandpa said I would be OK. My human said I looked like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (whoever they are), because my face had one happy eye and one frowny eye. My human was going to take a picture of my eye to show you, but by the time she remembered, it was all better! The big purple part is gone now, and both my eyes are the same – all the better to see those sneaky wasps!


Crouching Collie, Hidden Chippie

August 17, 2008

I had an adventure at the private dog park – I did a perimeter check as usual, but then I heard a noise! It was coming from a big tube thing next to the house. There was a skittering noise, and then a high-pitched squeak! It sounded like a chipmunk, but I did not see a chipmunk anywhere! Then I realized that the chippie must be hidden inside the tube – very sneaky! I crouched down next to the tube, and then pushed at it with my paw. The chippie squeaked again! I barked at the tube, but the chippie did not come out. Then I tried to bite the tube, but it was made of metal. I barked again, and the chippie squeaked again, but he did not come out. Then grandpa came and shook the tube, and still the chippie did not come out – he just skittered and squeaked from inside the tube.

Since I am not the kind of dog that waits patiently for things, I left the chippie in the tube and went on to play other games. For all I know, the chippie is probably still there in the tube, too scared to come out.