July 6, 2008

Last night, the doorbell rang, and when my human answered the door, there were two visitors for me! It was a couple of kids from down the street, and they asked if they could play with me. The little girl sometimes “escorts” us on her bicycle when my human and I go for a walk, and she remembered that I live in the house with the big blue flowerpot by the door. So they came around to the back yard, and we played fetch – that was very fun! I hope they come visit me again.



  1. Hi Jake,

    I’m glad you have visitors too. They will come back, I have two visitors in one house behind me and one visitor in the other house. They like to throw balls and scratch my tummy.

    When I get bored, I stand by the patio door and look for them, when they see me they come and play.

    Hope your visitors come to play with you often.

    Spencer and his Mommy, Jackie

  2. I had visitors again! A bunch of them came and played ball in the yard with the little girl who lives next door. And I played with them! I was the left fielder. Although my human did not let me herd them all into a group, like I wanted to.

  3. Hi Jake,

    Your Grandma told me you had a pool party with your visitors. Did you get to splash Them and did they splash you? I wish I had a pool, I’ll have to ask Mom for one.


  4. Hi Spencer – yes I did splash them, and they splashed me, it was very fun! Except I am a little sad, because one of my little friends is moving away.

    My mama says that the Ace hardware store has pools that are just right for dogs, you should have your mom get you one!

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