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June 29, 2008

I will take the shoe
And insert a tennis ball.
Poof! It is a toy.


I Love Trash

June 22, 2008

Sometimes my human does things that I do not understand – like when she puts wonderful smelly things into a big metal can that is all closed up. I would like to smell those things, and maybe eat some of them, but they are trapped! That is no fun. When I hear her take the bag of smelly things out of the big metal can, I come running with my tennis ball and try to trade for something! She never gives me anything, though. Hmmph.


A New Friend

June 19, 2008

I made a new friend! Her name is Isabel, and she is my human’s neese. I do not know what a “neese” is, but I think it means “very fun little girl!” She was a little shy at first, but then she started throwing tennis balls to me, and that was very fun! And she helped my human get more water for me when I tipped over my bowl. So I kept tipping over my bowl, and they kept getting me more water, and that was also a very fun game! I like my new friend, I hope I get to see her again soon.


It Could Work

June 11, 2008

If I hide the bag
Of kibble, I wonder if
I will get chicken


Ha Ha Ha

June 6, 2008

When my human goes away, she uses the big white metal wagon to leave. Then when she comes home, she parks the big white metal wagon in the cement room, and a big door comes down so the wagon is safe until she leaves again. So I came up with a plan – if the cement room door was broken, then my human could not leave – ha ha ha!

So that is what I did! Yesterday I sabatoogied the cement room door, and when my human came home last night it crashed down behind her, and the big white metal wagon was trapped, and she had to stay home and play with me! And then grandpa came over – yay! But the door was broken good, so he could not open it, even with the neighbor man helping. So she had to call the fixer man, but the fixer man could not come until this morning, so she had to stay home and play with me all morning, too! The fixer man was nice, he petted me and said I was a good boy. I tried to pay the fixer man, but they do not take tennis balls.

It was a very good plan, and it worked out perfectly! (For me.) I wonder what I should try next…


Chicken Machine

June 4, 2008

The chicken machine
Is usually right in here
So where did it go?

chicken machine