Field Guide: Chickens

May 29, 2008

I like chickens! There are many kinds of chickens – some are small, some are big, some are noisy, some are tasty. I like to chase them all!

Tiny Brown Chicken
Gallus Minimus
I see this kind of chicken everywhere – they are little and brown, and sometimes make interesting noises. Usually I do not chase them, because it would not be worth the effort – they are so small, it would hardly make a mouthful.
Evil Chicken
Gallus Malum
I do not like evil chickens! They are shiny and black, and make loud cawing noises! And they are always staring at me. When I see an evil chicken, I bark at it, and chase it away!
great_horned_owl Swooping Chicken
Gallus Swoopus
I have only seen this kind of chicken once, although we heard them when we went camping. This chicken swoops back and forth looking for tiny things on the ground to eat. Sometimes he swoops so low, I can almost jump up and catch him!
Quacker Chicken
Gallus Waddulus
These birds make a noise just like one of my favorite toys! I like to watch them as they walk through the yard – then I chase them until they fly away.
Honker Chicken
Gallus Honkum
I see this kind of chicken in the pond at the private dog park, and I run right into the water to chase them! I also hear them sometimes way up in the sky, and then I stare at them as they fly by – but I do not chase them when they are flying, because even I can’t jump that high.
Gobbler Chicken
Gallus Gobbulus
This is the biggest chicken of them all! I have only seen this kind of chicken a few times, but when I do, I get very excited! They are fun to chase, but very hard to catch.
Tasty Chicken
Gallus Numnum
This is my favorite kind of chicken, because it is the kind that I do not have to chase – it just magically appears in my bowl!

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