Field Guide: Private Dog Park

May 23, 2008

The private dog park is my favorite place to play – there are so many fun things to see and smell and do! I see grandma and grandpa when I go there, I think they live there. They must have fun all the time! The best part about the private dog park is that I am free to run run run and do whatever I want!

  1. The Lodge – This is where the treats are! They also serve ice cream on the front porch.
  2. Observation Deck – I like to poke my head out through the posts, and then I can see the whole park at once! Sometimes grandma sits up here and watches me while I play fetch – she is the line judge.
  3. Watering Hole – This is where I get a drink when I am thirsty. Sometimes the ground next to the watering hole looks too dry, so I help by splashing water on it.
  4. Bucket of Balls – I have my own bucket of tennis balls to play with! Sometimes I tip it over and they all fall out – jackpot!
  5. Mole Hole – This hole must be monitored at all times!
  6. Critter Corner – I found a dead bird here once! I was very excited! My human was not as excited.
  7. Chippie Haven – I have never seen a chipmunk here, but I smell them! Maybe some day I will catch one!
  8. Hot Spot – Sometimes if I go to the lodge at night, there is a campfire here! I have to remember to keep my tail out of the fire, though.
  9. Mystery Shack – I do not know what is in this building. I do know that I am not supposed to sneak behind the building to get outside of the safe zone.
  10. Wildlife Sanctuary – This is where grandpa puts out food for the birds and squirrels, and it is a good place to stand quietly and think about the wonders of nature. Or chase a squirrel.
  11. Sticks! – A big pile of sticks! Yay!
  12. Salad Bar – Sometimes when I want a snack, I eat some grass here.
  13. Big Chicken Pond – There are many kinds of big chickens in the pond – the honker chicken, the quacker chicken, and the gobbler chicken. And I have chased them all!
  14. Pitcher’s Mound – This is where my human stands to play fetch.
  15. Shortstop – This is where I bring the ball back to.
  16. Long Ball Territory – Sometimes grandpa throws the ball for me, and then it goes all the way over here! He can throw very far.
  17. Elevated Water Bowl – It sure is hard to drink from a bowl that is three feet off the ground.
  18. Green Bush Boundary – Shakin’ the bushes, boss.
  19. Secret Passageway – This is one of the many secret passageways into the marsh.
  20. The Trail – This trail goes into the marsh – it is very fun! There are bushes to run through, and tall grass to jump in, and mud to splash in, and all kinds of smells! The best!

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