May 10, 2008

My buddy Brusca is gone. That makes me sad. She was my best doggie friend in the whole world! When I was a puppy, we would run and run and run in her yard, and we had so much fun! We would play with each other, and she would keep me in line when I got too bouncy.

Brusca was very good at hunting – when she saw something she wanted to chase, she would walk slow slow slow across the yard until she got close to it, and then! She would chase it! She could run very fast, faster than me! Sometimes she even caught things! She must have liked that a lot.

My human says Brusca had many adventures – I can see why, because she had the best place to live – a big yard, all kinds of animals to chase, a marsh to play in, and two humans who loved her very much. Brusca was very lucky to have such a good life!

Not too long ago Brusca turned ten years old – that is a lot of years! I can’t even count that high. My human says she was not feeling well, and she was very tired, and not having fun any more. That is not good, dogs should be able to have fun. So Dr. Sue came to her house to help her. That was very nice of Dr. Sue, because Brusca did not like the Scary Place where she was poked at all the time. Brusca sat in the sunshine with her humans, and checked all the holes in the yard one more time, and then Dr. Sue helped her to go to sleep.

Now I have a new job – I have to guard Brusca’s yard, and keep the bunnies and squirrels and birds away, and I have to watch over her humans for her. That is a lot for a little dog like me, but I will try!

Goodbye, Brusca – I will miss you.


  1. Brusca was very lucky to have such a loving family and a fun, furry friend like Jake. All dogs go to heaven!!!

  2. Great tribute Jake! I will also miss that beautiful loving pal of yours. I know you will do a great job in Brusca’s yard keeping the gophers, bunnies and even wild turkeys away. You’re also a wonderful grandoggie for Brusca’s humans.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that your friend has crossed The Rainbow Bridge. I know you will do a good job protecting her yard and looking after her humans!

  4. Dear Jake, We are so sorry that your best friend Brusca is gone. We did not even know that she wasn’t feeling well and were so surprised and sad to hear the news. We know she is chasing bunnies and squirrels in doggie heaven. We are thinking of all you who miss her presence. Lotsa love, Maggie and Aphaia

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