Field Guide: Rocket People!

April 15, 2008

On the streets there are usually big noisy metal monsters (my human calls them “cars”), and sometimes even bigger noisy metal monsters (my human calls them “trucks”), and once in a while a HUGE noisy metal monster (my human says this is the “garbage truck”). I do not understand how all these metal monsters move, because they do not have legs. Sometimes I can see a human trapped inside them – oh no!

But the rocket people are different! I like the rocket people, because even though they are noisy and metal, I can see the human on top. And the rocket people go really really fast! Brusca’s human is a rocket people, I bet he has a lot of fun! Every time I see rocket people, I stop and watch them. Before all the snow happened, I used to see rocket people all the time, and now they are back!


  1. rocket people are good. do not ever chase them they can go much faster than you.

  2. Oh no, I don’t chase the rocket people, they are way too fast.

    A little birdie tells me you have a new rocket – very fun! Can I come over tonight and see it?

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