Field Guide: Human Panting

April 13, 2008

My human does not have fur like I do, so she has to put on pieces of cloth before she goes outside. She wears all kinds of different pieces of cloth for doing different things, and I have figured out the code to what they mean!

Goaway Pants
These are the kind of pants that she puts on when she goes away for the day and I cannot come with her. When I see her put on these pants, I lay on the bed with my head down, because she is going away. (But she always comes back!)
No Jumpers
My human does not wear this kind of cloth very often, but when she does, it means that she is going someplace fancy, and I definitely cannot come with. She also spends a lot of time playing with her hair and putting stuff on her face. I am not supposed to jump on her when she wears this.
Adventure Pants
When my human puts on these pants, it means that we are going on an adventure! It might be a walk, or a ride, or to go play at Brusca’s house, but it is always something fun! When I see her put these pants on, I run up to her and start wagging my tail!
Settling Pants
These pants mean that it is time to settle. My human sits in her chair and reads a book or watches the box with pictures, and I curl up with a good bone and relax.

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