Bunny Watch

April 13, 2008
The Beginning
Normally, I destroy all toys right away, especially stuffed ones. But I have not destroyed this bunny – he is my friend. A little bunny rabbit – just what I always wanted! I will name him George.
day one Day One
Maybe the bunny wants to look outside! I know I like to look out the window and see what is happening.
day two Day Two
The bunny and I are tired. We will take a nap on the couch.
day three Day Three
The bunny and I are playing hide and seek. It is my turn to hide. He is supposed to count to ten before he looks for me, but I do not know if bunnies can count.
day four Day Four
Sometimes bunnies, like giant crazy purple balls, need to be herded into the corner.
day five Day Five
Where are you going, bunny?
day six Day Six
The bunny tried to jump onto the piano bench, but he didn’t make it.
day seven Day Seven
The bunny and me raced up the stairs. I won!
Day Eight
The bunny has been destroyed. (Oops.)

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