The Afterbath

April 8, 2008

Sometimes I get stinky, like I when chase big chickens in the pond at Brusca’s house. Then my human says the letters B-A-T-H. I do not know how to spell, but B-A-T-H means that she is going to pour water on me, rub goo into my fur, and then pour water on me again. I do not like B-A-T-H, and when it is done I run and run and run around the house.



  1. maybe after towel drying a hair blower on a low setting would help you dry quicker. would not have to run so much then to dry off. no more sightings of turkeys in the back. maybe you could get a job at the post office to protect the letter carriers. come over whenever you want. see you later

  2. That is a good idea about the hair dryer – we will have to try that! That’s the thing my human uses in the morning and points at her head, right? I always come over and see what she is doing when she uses it, because I don’t understand what she’s doing.

    I would love to work for the post office and chase turkeys all the time! That would be very fun.

    Say hi to Brusca for me!

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