Big Game Hunter

April 6, 2008

Today I had a big adventure! I went to Brusca’s house to play, and when we got there, I saw a giant chicken in the front yard! My human says it is called a “turkey”. We watched him from inside the house until he got into the back yard. Then we went out, and I waited until she said I could go, and then I chased him! I chased him good! I almost got him, too, but turkeys can fly, and I cannot. That was so much fun! And then! There were MORE big chickens in the pond! My human calls them “geese” and “ducks”, and said I could chase them too. So I did! Turkeys and geese and ducks – a big chicken trifecta!

Now I am tired, and stinky from the pond, but so so happy. I will sleep good tonight, and dream of chasing turkeys!

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