Play Date!

April 2, 2008

The other day my human came home and we went for a walk and ate dinner like normal. But then she had a human adventure to go on – normally she would just go and leave me to guard the house, but this time she brought me to Brusca’s house for a play date! And she let me stay there while she went on her human adventure! Brusca’s humans were very nice to me, they let me play in their yard, and I behaved myself, because I am a good boy! And, because they hid the goodie bag (where they keep the paper & cardboard that is so fun to rip up). Then Brusca and I went for a walk together! They started to take us in different directions, so we would not get tangled, but I wanted to walk with Brusca! Because she is my buddy.

Then my human came to get me, and I was very happy to see her! That was a fun adventure, I like playing at Brusca’s house.

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