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April 29, 2008

Bunny in the yard!
I see you by the pine tree
I’ll move when you move


My Job

April 22, 2008

I am the kind of dog that needs a job. Some dogs like me get jobs herding sheep, but there are no sheep where I live, only rocket people, and they are too fast to herd. So my job is guarding things! Here are the things that I guard:

  1. My human!
  2. My human’s house
  3. Brusca’s house and humans *

When I am on guard, I watch everything and everybody to make sure they are Authorized. When I am out for a walk with my human, other people can be out walking too, but if they are just standing on the sidewalk, or start coming towards my human, that is Unauthorized. I stand in front of my human and look at them until she says it is OK, and then we keep going.

Monsters by the curb are Unauthorized.

People in disguise are Unauthorized.

Noisy crows are Unauthorized.

Strange people walking through my yard are very Unauthorized!

I like my job and I am very good at it. I am also good at chasing things, including giant chickens. I heard that giant chickens have been attacking postal workers, maybe I could get a job with them! I could chase the giant chickens away! Oh wait. They would probably ask me if I have ever tampered with the U.S. Mail, and I would have to say yes.

I think I will keep the job I have.

* I do not guard Brusca, because she can take care of herself. She does not bark much, but when she does, she says “WOOF” very loud, and then everyone stops.


Field Guide: Rocket People!

April 15, 2008

On the streets there are usually big noisy metal monsters (my human calls them “cars”), and sometimes even bigger noisy metal monsters (my human calls them “trucks”), and once in a while a HUGE noisy metal monster (my human says this is the “garbage truck”). I do not understand how all these metal monsters move, because they do not have legs. Sometimes I can see a human trapped inside them – oh no!

But the rocket people are different! I like the rocket people, because even though they are noisy and metal, I can see the human on top. And the rocket people go really really fast! Brusca’s human is a rocket people, I bet he has a lot of fun! Every time I see rocket people, I stop and watch them. Before all the snow happened, I used to see rocket people all the time, and now they are back!


Field Guide: Human Panting

April 13, 2008

My human does not have fur like I do, so she has to put on pieces of cloth before she goes outside. She wears all kinds of different pieces of cloth for doing different things, and I have figured out the code to what they mean!

Goaway Pants
These are the kind of pants that she puts on when she goes away for the day and I cannot come with her. When I see her put on these pants, I lay on the bed with my head down, because she is going away. (But she always comes back!)
No Jumpers
My human does not wear this kind of cloth very often, but when she does, it means that she is going someplace fancy, and I definitely cannot come with. She also spends a lot of time playing with her hair and putting stuff on her face. I am not supposed to jump on her when she wears this.
Adventure Pants
When my human puts on these pants, it means that we are going on an adventure! It might be a walk, or a ride, or to go play at Brusca’s house, but it is always something fun! When I see her put these pants on, I run up to her and start wagging my tail!
Settling Pants
These pants mean that it is time to settle. My human sits in her chair and reads a book or watches the box with pictures, and I curl up with a good bone and relax.

Bunny Watch

April 13, 2008
The Beginning
Normally, I destroy all toys right away, especially stuffed ones. But I have not destroyed this bunny – he is my friend. A little bunny rabbit – just what I always wanted! I will name him George.
day one Day One
Maybe the bunny wants to look outside! I know I like to look out the window and see what is happening.
day two Day Two
The bunny and I are tired. We will take a nap on the couch.
day three Day Three
The bunny and I are playing hide and seek. It is my turn to hide. He is supposed to count to ten before he looks for me, but I do not know if bunnies can count.
day four Day Four
Sometimes bunnies, like giant crazy purple balls, need to be herded into the corner.
day five Day Five
Where are you going, bunny?
day six Day Six
The bunny tried to jump onto the piano bench, but he didn’t make it.
day seven Day Seven
The bunny and me raced up the stairs. I won!
Day Eight
The bunny has been destroyed. (Oops.)

The Afterbath

April 8, 2008

Sometimes I get stinky, like I when chase big chickens in the pond at Brusca’s house. Then my human says the letters B-A-T-H. I do not know how to spell, but B-A-T-H means that she is going to pour water on me, rub goo into my fur, and then pour water on me again. I do not like B-A-T-H, and when it is done I run and run and run around the house.


Big Game Hunter

April 6, 2008

Today I had a big adventure! I went to Brusca’s house to play, and when we got there, I saw a giant chicken in the front yard! My human says it is called a “turkey”. We watched him from inside the house until he got into the back yard. Then we went out, and I waited until she said I could go, and then I chased him! I chased him good! I almost got him, too, but turkeys can fly, and I cannot. That was so much fun! And then! There were MORE big chickens in the pond! My human calls them “geese” and “ducks”, and said I could chase them too. So I did! Turkeys and geese and ducks – a big chicken trifecta!

Now I am tired, and stinky from the pond, but so so happy. I will sleep good tonight, and dream of chasing turkeys!