Master In Disguise

March 9, 2008

Today I went over to Brusca’s house to play. When I got there, a man was standing outside the patio door, looking in. He was just standing there, wearing a hat! Unauthorized! I barked and barked at him! A man in a hat, looking in through the patio door! Intruder alert!

But then he took off the hat, and it was grandpa! So I wagged my tail and said hello. He is very clever, that grandpa, disguising himself with a hat.

PS – I do not like people in hooded sweatshirts, either, I bark at them, too.


  1. very smart of you indeed. it is your most important thing to protect angie and your friends

  2. This happened again! I was out for a walk, and met two small humans that I had not seen before – I was very nice and let them pet me (and give me treats). But then! The small humans’ mama came over, and she was wearing a hood! I started to growl, but then my human told her that it was the hood, and so she took it off, and everything was fine.

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