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Big Big Chickens!

March 29, 2008

Today I went to play at Brusca’s house, and I discovered a new thing – Brusca’s wildlife sanctuary! Two giant birds came out of the sky and landed in Brusca’s pond. They were the biggest chickens I had ever seen!


I ran to the edge of my play zone and then stopped and stared at them. Then my human said “OK”, so I ran into the pond to chase them! They flew away, but there were also some ducks, so I chased them too. I was wet, and muddy, and very very happy.

Brusca told me that she has seen even bigger chickens in her yard! Brusca’s human took a video of them:

Those are huge! And very loud! I think I would like to chase them, too.




March 26, 2008

This afternoon my human was home waiting for her new toy to be delivered, and because it was all quiet in the neighborhood, she decided to let me run free in the back yard! I stayed in my boundaries, and we played fetch – she threw it far far far, all the way to the pine tree! That was so much fun!


Attack of the Killer Boxes

March 25, 2008

It was very windy today! We went for a walk, and a big brown thing came blowing down the sidewalk towards us. I was scared! What is that thing? Why is it coming towards us? But then! It blew up against my human’s legs and attacked her! UNAUTHORIZED! Do not attack my human!

I destroyed it.


box destroyed


Before and After

March 24, 2008

“Before and After”
Artist: Jake
Medium: Tennis ball and mud

before and after


Happy Easter!

March 23, 2008

Today is Easter – yay! I did not see the Easter bunny, but he brought me two easter baskets! One at my house, and one at Brusca’s house. (I think he is trying to bribe me to leave the neighborhood bunnies alone.) I played some games with my human, and then went over to Brusca’s house to play. And I got to taste a meat I have never tried before – the humans called it “lamb”. Very tasty! It tastes like something I might want to herd. A very fun day!

PS – I think I’ve figured out something – grandma likes it better when I sit quietly at her feet and she can pet me. I’ll have to remember that.


Open Sesame

March 18, 2008

Sometimes my human goes around the house touching everything with a big fuzzy stick, and pushing a noisy machine across the floor, and putting things away (she calls this “cleaning”). When she is done, all of my toys are trapped! So I have to let them out.


Tennis Ball (Empty)

March 18, 2008

“Tennis Ball (Empty)”
Artist: Jake
Medium: Tennis ball

tennis ball (empty)