Trader Jake

January 9, 2008

My human taught me that nothing in life is free. So now if I want something, I trade for it. My human uses little green pieces of paper or small plastic cards to trade for things, but I don’t have those, so I use a tennis ball or my squeaky ball. The squeaky ball is one of my favorite things – it must be worth one million green papers!

newspaper trade   The newspaper is very fun, there are many informative and tasty articles in it. My human keeps it up on the dining room table, so I have to really reach to get it, but of course I always trade a ball for it first.
shoe trade   I also like to trade for shoes. When I was a puppy, I used to destroy shoes, but now I just like to take them and drop them in the middle of the living room, to say “See? I could destroy that shoe, but I didn’t.”
dinner trade   Sometimes I try to trade for the yummy stuff I smell on the dining room table – I put my ball up there, but I don’t get anything. I must not be doing it right.

One comment

  1. jake a new growth came up in the yard this week. it seems that a squeeky ball that you planted earlier has grown into a full size one that showed this week. you should come and pick it this weekend. grandpa

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