Magic Words and Phrases

January 6, 2008

I know lots of magic words and phrases! Some words mean a person, place, or thing, like “Jake”. That is my name, and when my human says it, she means me. A lot of words mean that I am supposed to do something (or stop doing something!). And there are magic phrases that mean something exciting is going to happen – those are the best!

Words that mean a person, place or thing

Dog park
Mounds *

Words that mean I’m supposed to do something

Lay down
Roll over
All clear
Put away
Find it
Drop it
Leave it
Walk nice
This way
Wait for car
Ah **
Hey ***

Other magic phrases that I know

Go outside
Go for walk
Let’s go in
Guard the house
Go for ride
Get in the car
Guard the car
Go see Brusca
Get your ball
Supper time
Sleepy time
Mama change ****
No work today *****

* This is the place where we get my food, and I get to go in – yay!
** Kind of like no, but more like I’d better find something new to do
*** Means “no” inside the house, means “get back on course” when out walking
**** When my human says this, I run up the stairs after her, because it means she is changing her clothes and putting on jeans or sweatpants, so she is home for the night and will play with me. Yay!
***** “Work” is what my human does during the day when she puts on fancy clothes and goes away. When she says this, I am very happy, because it means she’s going to play with me all day!


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