August 27, 2007

This morning when we went for a walk there was a monster! I barked and barked and barked, because my job is to protect my human from dangerous things. It looked very dangerous:


My human said it was OK, and went right up to it! How am I supposed to protect her if she goes right up to dangerous things? Then I got up close and sniffed it, and decided it wasn’t dangerous after all:

Monster revealed


One comment

  1. Dear Jake,
    Ha ha ha! This is why cats are superior to dogs! Oh, all right. I’ve been fooled by human objects as well. For some reason, I used to go out of my mind chasing a feather on a string the my human would dangle. I’d chase the feather until I saw the string and then saw the pole and then saw my annoying human’s hand holding the aforementioned pole. She’d be smiling down at me in her condescending way and I’d pretend like the whole traumatizing incident never happened. This would make her laugh even more, so I’d have to wait to exact my revenge by trying to smother her in her sleep. Oh wait. Is she going to read this? Ummm… Better go!
    Yours in shared contempt for human’s amusement at our expenses,
    Mr. Syd.

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