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August 27, 2007

This morning when we went for a walk there was a monster! I barked and barked and barked, because my job is to protect my human from dangerous things. It looked very dangerous:


My human said it was OK, and went right up to it! How am I supposed to protect her if she goes right up to dangerous things? Then I got up close and sniffed it, and decided it wasn’t dangerous after all:

Monster revealed



Good Day Sunshine

August 25, 2007

It stopped raining – yay! My human went to a place called “Ikea”, and I got to play at Brusca’s house all day! I helped pick up sticks, and played fetch, and then Brusca’s human gave me a very yummy lunch. It was so yummy that I tried to eat the plate, too! A very good day.


My Buddy Brusca

August 19, 2007

Brusca is my best doggie friend in the whole world! She has a big yard where we run and play. She’s older than me and very smart, and she keeps me in line when I get too bouncy.