Swimming Pool

July 4, 2007

My human got me a swimming pool – yay!  Now when it’s hot out, she fills it up and I splash and play.



  1. Thanks for that…See I too have a 8 year old Rottie who has a torn ligament. She needs to lose some weight before the doctor can do surgery. The vet suggesting swimming because it is easy on the joints. I would like to get pool deep enough, so that she can either swim or walk slowly. This hard plastic kiddie pools don’t seem to be large enough. We tried taking her to the lake and she didn’t like that at all. Do you have any suggestion….

  2. Yeah, this pool is just enough for a medium dog to splash around in, not really swim. I don’t know where you live, but where I live there’s a swim center for dogs: http://www.4pawsswim.com/ Maybe there’s something like that near you?

    Sorry to hear about your Rottie! I hope she gets better soon.

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