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How I Got My Human

October 8, 2006

I was at the shelter because I got too excited around the kids in my first family, so they had to give me up. I was at the shelter for a long time, and many people said they wanted me, because I was a very cute puppy, but they didn’t take me home. I liked the shelter, the people there were very nice and took very good care of me.

Then my human came and rescued me! I was so happy. My human had always wanted a dog, and she directed a play about a dog named Sylvia, and the cast gave her a certificate to the shelter as a thank you gift. How perfect is that!


How I Got My Name

October 8, 2006

At the shelter I was just called Jake, but now my full name is Jacob Ziggy Marley. “Ziggy” is because when we go for a walk I zig-zag all over the place. “Jacob” and “Marley” just seem to fit around Ziggy.

Usually my human just calls me Jake, but sometimes she uses my full name, especially when I have destroyed something.


Joliet Jake Blues Ziggy Marley Jacob Marley
Joliet Jake Ziggy Marley Jacob Marley

What Kind of Dog I Am

October 8, 2006

At the shelter, they said I was a Springer Spaniel mix. My human thinks I’m also part Border Collie, because I’m very smart and I like to herd things. But I also have a lot of reddish fur by my paws, so I could be part something else, too. So I’m different kinds of dog mixed together.

springer spaniel + border collie = me!
Springer Spaniel Border Collie Me!