Hi! Hi! Hi!

Wow! A blog to tell everyone about my adventures! I’m very excited. My human thinks I’m very cute, and hopes that you do too.

I’m a mixed breed dog named Jake. (My full name is Jacob Ziggy Marley.) My human said I should write this blog, because I’m just so excited about the world around me! I hope you enjoy reading about my many adventures.

PS – If you get lost, just click on my nose to get back home.



  1. Jake, I didn’t know you were so talented!

    Seriously, Angela, this is the cutest website I’ve ever seen and I’m forwarding it to all my friends who are big animal lovers.

  2. Jake, you are one clever pup!!! I laughed so hard at your antics. And the Haiku!!! Amazing!

    From your favorite aunt.

  3. Jake, you’re definitely a lot smarter than my old dogs! :)

    Very cute Angela! He’s such a good dog and Tiana loves him!

  4. Jake,
    You are so lucky to have such a wonderful human. I am so happy you two found each other. You should ask your human if you can come play with me sometime soon.


  5. Cute dog. Imagine you are wearing out that human you live with. Keep up the good work and don’t let her rest too often. She needs you to keep her on her toes.

    Fondly, the other aunt.


  7. Ummmmmm, Jake, when do you want to play with me???

    Your cousin Dawson

  8. hi jake the weatherman says its going to be warm this weekend. you should come over to my house and play in the yard. maybe you will find some tennis balls that disappeared in the snow. have angie call me when you decide.

  9. hey jake this sunday is something called superbowl sunday. it is supposed to be a day to enjoy with your friends and family and have some fun and good food. would you be interested in doing that with me and grandma. we can run, run, run, and maybe cook out too. let angie know and tell me what you think.

  10. hey jake today is something called hump day. i think that you should start making it a practice of coming and playing whenever you can to get extra exercise. there are more tennis growing in the yard. grandpa

  11. tennis balls gone

    you will have to start saving biscuits to buy more tennis balls. mowing today got two balls that you left it the yard. they were victims of the mower and cannot be saved.

    come and visit,

  12. Hey Jake…

    Did you get to play at DogFest this weekend before it got rained out?

  13. Sadly no, I didn’t get to play at DogFest this year, because it was too rainy, and my human said that they were Closed. Even if they had been Open, I would have just turned into one big ball of dog-shaped mud, which for some reason she does not want in her car.

  14. Aww, well better luck next year. I thought of you all week when I was hearing the commercials. On the bright side, this will give you more time to train, right?

  15. jake you haven’t been out this week you better come out and run,run,run. maybe friday night for supper. let me know.

  16. jake we have a job to do tomorrow when you visit. there are some branches and STICKS down in the yard. i think we should make a fire and roast some weinies. what do you think? granpa

  17. Hey Jake!
    I know you don’t know who we are, but your wonderful gramdmum Nicki sent our mom this link since our mom and dad are huge dog lovers too! Mom looked at your blog and it is just hilarious! We read your about your recent camping escapade at Governor Dodge State Park. This is very cool, as we go hiking there a LOT, since we live close by. And we especially like the waterfall so we can play in the water and get our feet all muddy. We also like the pumphouse because the water is nice and cool and clean and we rinse our feet in there before we pile in th truck to go home. You are also very, very beautiful! Your color is just gorgeaous, and I bet you are very, very active! Our mom will continue reading about you and looking at your photos and updates. Your mom has done a very creative job in documenting your life! That is such a great way to preserve those grea memories!

    Woof Woof to you!
    Czar (I am a 6 year old Great Pyrenees guy who is a therapy dog with my mom for UW Childrens hospital)
    Osa, (And I am the house clown who is a 2 year old Newfoundland guy)
    Tundra (I am the newbie resuce from Iowa who is a 7 month, 80# Great Pyrenees gal)

  18. hey jake
    since you have to stay home on thanksgiving granpa had an idea. we could have a thanksgiving dinner at my house for you. i will be home fri, sat and sunday. we could have big roasted chicken and all the fixings. what do you think? let me know.

  19. hey jake, i talked to the neighbor brick man who got straw for his garden. he said he could get some for our path. if he does you can come and help spread it. i’ll let you know. granpa

  20. Yay for the neighbor brick man! (I like chasing his turkeys.) Let us know if you get straw for the path, and we will come help! I like to run through the mud, but for some reason my mama does not.

  21. This reminded me that I gotta take my pet to the vet lol

  22. this message is to jzm security. i am going away for the weekend and i need you to patrol camp freedom frequently from today until sunday afternoon. i will reward you and your partner when i get back.

    • Hi, Granpa! I will patrol Camp Freedom, and give you a full report! Have a good trip!

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